WARNING: This Page Can Get Graphic

Graphic Designs for your demanding needs: Here you can see just a few of the many graphic designs from logos to banners. If you see anything you believe would work for you in your company or you would like something custom designed, please contact us.

Graphic Design Cali Web Concepts
Graphic Design San Diego Jet Ski Rentals
Graphic Design New Paradise Baptist Church
Graphic Design Stinger Automotive Detail Products

The Avis Harry Lifestyle Center Logo The Avis Harry Lifestyle Center is a help center located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands and when they contacted us in need of a logo for the center we were to happy to help.

After a concept design for the logo was decided on by the center we created a drawing for approval before creation of the final product in all three formats. This logo is now in use on their web site, brochures, newsletters and any other products for the center.

San Diego Jet Ski Rentals Custom Banner This banner was compiled completely from the ground up, the colors of San Diego Jet Ski Rentals are Blue, White and Red, so designing this banner had to incorporate these colors but remain eye catching. The client wanted a banner that would make you think of water and fun.

The use of the fade in of the water bubbles on a blue surface was just what the client was looking for, and with the background glow of red around the white text with a sport font was an instant success.


New Paradise Baptist Church Logo this logo was done with a transparent background and a cream background for use in any format. The addition of the text with the Pastors name between the reflection as if on a smooth surface works very well.

New Paradise Baptist Church remarked that this was just what they were looking for when they considered the work that needed to be done.

Stinger Detail Supplies Logo Stinger Detail had only a concept in mind of fast, sleek, and sporty, keeping in mind their concept it was decided that we would use a sporty text with smoky hollow-like interior with a red outline.

The drop shadow effect on a transparent background added to the sleek appearance sought after by the client who was pleased with the outcome.